Maggi 2 Minute Noddles 60g

Maggi 2 Minute Noddles 60g


Nu 10.00 

Maggi 2 Minute Noddles 60g

Maggi 2-minutes is available in Sherza allstore  with cheaper price in Thimphu Bhutan.

Maggi 2-minutes noodles comes with the goodness of Iron. Each portion of Maggi masala Noodles provides you with 15% of your daily Iron requirement. Containing your favorite masala taste, Maggi noodles are made with the choicest quality spices. Make your bowl of Maggi even better by chopping up some vegetables, dropping in an egg or throwing in your favorite ingredients. 


Refined Wheat flour (Maida), Palm oil, Salt, Wheat gluten, Mineral, Red chili powder, Turmeric powder, Dried garlic, Cumin powder, Aniseed powder, Fenugreek powder, Ginger powder, Black pepper powder , Salt


Maggi 2-minutes noodles are fortified with Iron which helps to promote good brain development, and oat fibre which promotes digestive health.


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