Freshnut Unpeeled Cashews 500g

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Freshnut Unpeeled Cashews 500g.                                                                                                          NUT-rition Raw Cashews are steam treated and sealed in the bag for a wholesome snack you can count on. Enjoy the simple flavor of raw, fresh-off-the-tree cashews, which boast a rich and creamy taste. The moment you open the bag, you find nothing but wholesome, crunchy cashews with no salt or added ingredients. Do something good for your body with this smart snack that has 150 calories per serving, delivering zinc, selenium, magnesium and other important nutrients. Use these raw cashews as a nutritious midday snack or a boost for salads. The Non GMO cashews are Gluten Free and Kosher-friendly to meet special dietary needs, and each 5.5 ounce bag of cashews is packed in a resealable pouch to ensure the last bite is as fresh as the first.